So what's with the resume layout?

My resume isn't a normal layout despite people keep on telling me recruiters won't read it

Published June 2022 - Stephen Moore

I've always had a resume that's a little different to the typical format that you get. You know that one where the person lists the companies they worked for and some buzzwords because recruiters only respond to SEO?

The latest version of my resume is the opposite of that and me trying to explain who I am via story. Though I have compromised a little and included some dot points at the top!

And the overwhelming feedback I get is "this is good but no-one will read it". So here's what I'm trying to do with my resume. (in dot point so people read them)

  • Filter for workplaces that want people rather than cogs
  • Programming is a social sport and attitude is far more important than knowledge and I want to showcase attitude
  • The resume itself does not include my name, image or personal attributes. So the resume can be handed to my potential colleagues with less risk of unconscious bias. Those details can always be found on my LinkedIn.
  • I want a career that focuses on me enabling other people and it seems that's not a standard role that is available and so I don't have a standard resume
  • I'm taking a gamble that I don't scare away places that I would actually enjoy working for
June 2022